2022 General Election

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Upcoming Municipal Election for the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry

Municipalities in Manitoba have an election every four years, with October 26, 2022 being the next election day. While this is still a number of months away, there are already some things to know about.

Register to Vote

Being on the voters list is necessary for anyone who wants to run for office or vote for a favourite candidate. There are three requirements to be a voter. They are:

1.    Must be a Canadian citizen;

2.    Must be at least 18 years of age as of election day; and

3.    Must either have lived in the municipality or be a registered owner of a parcel of land in the Municipality for at least 6 months as of election day.

To get your name on the voters list, please contact the municipal office or complete the Voters List Registration Form and submit to our office in person, by e-mail, or mail .

Thinking about running

The decision to run for council is not one to be taken lightly. There are significant responsibilities. The term is four years. And there are a number of specific steps to run. The Province of Manitoba puts out a really good booklet titled 2022 Candidates Guidebook which provides great information. It is available online and can be located by searching for it by name. The Municipality includes this Candidates Guidebook along with other information in a package for anyone interested. This package also includes the forms referred to later in this article, as well as other useful information. 

Deciding to run

For anyone deciding to run for office, there are two key steps to take.

1.    Prior to spending any money campaigning, it is necessary to register with the Senior Election Official with a Registration of Prospective Candidate form. Once completed, the form can be dropped off at the municipal office. Registration for Reeve opened May 1. Registration for councillor opens June 30.

2.    Nomination papers will need to be filled out and submitted during normal office hours from September 14 to 20. 

In both cases these forms need to be filled out correctly in order to be accepted. The package available at the municipal office includes examples of how to fill out the nomination papers. The package of information also includes added explanation of what is necessary. Candidates are encouraged to submit nomination papers prior to the last day to allow time for correction and resubmission where necessary.


Provided there are more candidates for positions than there are positions available, an election will take place October 26. Alternative opportunities to vote will also be made available. These include voting by sealed envelope as well as an advance voting day. Public notice of when, where and how to vote will be advertised by the end of September. 

We are fortunate to live in a country where we have the opportunity to help decide who will represent us in government. The opportunity for municipal government happens once every four years, and everyone who is eligible is encouraged to take part by voting.

Ernie Epp

Senior Election Official