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Nestled in the heart of South Eastern Manitoba, the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry is blessed by the most fertile agricultural regions of Manitoba’s Red River Valley to the west, the natural beauty of oak and poplar woodlands on the eastern escarpment and the scenic Rat River that slowly meanders northwards.  It is with these qualities that the municipality, founded by the fur trade and farming pioneers in the mid-1800s has embraced not only agriculture but also tourism and recreation as their primary resources.

Situated 30 minutes south of the City of Winnipeg and 30 minutes north of the United States border via Highway 59, the location of the Local Urban District of St. Malo, De Salaberry’s largest community, and the hamlets of Otterburne, Dufrost, La Rochelle and Carey makes De Salaberry, with a population of 3,918 residents, an attractive area to work, live and play.  The municipality holds the jewel of southeastern Manitoba in Lake St. Malo along with the St. Malo Provincial Park, one of the busiest Provincial Parks in Manitoba enjoyed by over 250,000 visitors every year.  With these natural settings and peaceful country living it is no wonder why De Salaberry has quickly become one of the most sought rural residential and cottage country destinations in the Province.

So why don’t you come in, make yourself at home, and see what our municipality has to offer through our website.  We hope to see you soon!