St. Malo

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St. Malo Church
The community of St Malo was founded in 1892 by Quebec-born pioneer Louis Malo. Being dubbed the "Mini Clearlake of the South", St Malo is proud to be closely associated with the St. Malo Provinicial Park.
St. Malo is a community of over 1000 predominantly bilingual residents, many of whom enjoy a leisurely lifestyle. St. Malo sits on rich agricultural land, amongst the best in Canada, and has many natural resources, which provide opportunities for many businesses. 
St. Malo is also a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty, beaches, campgrounds, cottages, and friendly people. A place where visitors, cottagers, campers and residents all adore.
Old School House
The Avon School District was organized formally in July 1919 and a one-room, wood frame schoolhouse operated at NE-6-4-5E in the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry. The district was dissolved in 1962 and its area became part of the St. Malo Consolidated School District.