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PUBLIC NOTICE - St. Malo Water System Volumes

Posted: February 14, 2018




Please be advised that St. Malo Water System is producing higher than normal volumes. The Utility Operators are monitoring this, as there may be a water main break or other water losses in the system that have yet to surface.


In order to assist, we are asking residents to check the water system in your home to ensure it is working correctly and that you do not have an unknown leak. This should include toilets, leaking faucets, hot water tanks, etc. By contacting the office or utility operators, advice on remedies to detect leaks within your home will be provided.


If you own a home in St. Malo connected to the water system and have turned it off for the season, please arrange for a physical inspection of the property to ensure that there are no leaks.


Reminder: As the property owner, you are responsible for the costs of all water that flows through your meter - -  even if a tap has been left on, a line breaks or there is a leak.

Thank you