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PUBLIC NOTICE - Snow Removal

Posted: January 18, 2018



The Rural Municipality of De Salaberry hereby gives notice that any party who deposits snow upon a highway or the shoulders thereof, may be in contravention of Section 217 (2) of The Highways Traffic Act, which reads as follows:

“A person who drops, throws or deposits upon a highway any substance or thing likely to injure a person, animal or vehicle shall immediately remove or cause it to be removed.”

As the practice of cleaning private lanes, driveways and parking areas and leaving of snow on the road, shoulders and/or on privately owned vacant areas creates hazardous driving conditions, the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry will take whatever action is necessary to enforce the above-mentioned section of the Act.

NOTE: The term highway applies to all roads and streets within the municipality, both provincial and municipal.
Council of the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry


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