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Living Here - Handi Transit - Mini-Van

The Mini-Van is located at the Chalet Malouin in St. Malo.


The capacity is 4 seats with the driver, and can hold up to two wheel chairs.

The following was approved by the Board of the St-Pierre/De Salaberry Handi Transit Corporation

  • For all our clients within or outside the Village and the R.M. of De Salaberry boundaries
    • $0.40 per loaded km (from van location to return to original van location)
  • Clients are responsible to find their own driver. A valid class 5 license is mandatory.
  • The Mini-Van is not to be used as an ambulance.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the van.
  • Reservations should be done at least 48 hrs in advance by calling Claudette at 204-347-5652 or emailing crem@mymts.net