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Living Here - Handi Transit
To book the Handi-Transit please call the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys at 433-7832 at least 48 hours in advance.

Effective December 15, 2011

Rates (within Municipal and Village Boundaries):
$5.00 per person
$0.50 per loaded km 'which means client gets charged from when he or she is picked up to / until he or she is dropped off
$14.00 an hour minimum 3 hours.
Rates (outside Municipal Boundaries):
$10.00 per person
$0.50 per km starting at van storage location until return to van storage location.
$14.00 an hour minimum 3 hours.

Rates for up to 100KMS
$10.00 per person with a minimum of $120.00 charge - includes driver fee of 4hrs
After 4hours a fee of $14.00/hr will apply
Rates for up to 200KMS
$12.00 per person with a minimum of $150.00 charge - includes driver fee of 6hrs 
After 6 hours a fee of $13.00/hr will apply.
Over the 201kms a fee of $0.50/km will apply.

Should be reserved at least 48 hours in advance.
Van Location:
St. Pierre Fire Department
A class 4 license is mandatory to operate the Handi-Transit

Handi-Transit Capacity
18 seats plus one wheel chair
16 seats plus two wheel chairs
12 seats plus three wheel chairs

A) The Handi-Transit is designed to be utilized as a means of transporting the Mobility Disadvantaged, Senior Services and the General Public to and from appointments.
B) The Handi-Transit will not be used as an Ambulance Service since the Handi-Transit drivers are not qualified First Responders
C) That no alcohol be permitted in the van.
D) That the Handi-Van drivers must be selected from the approved driver's list. (any additional drivers are to be authorized at the discretion of the RM or Village CAO or designated assistant) Drivers will be required to bring a copy of their license on a yearly basis.